In 2018, a roadmap defined under an open, participatory and collaborative model was implemented, both phases of analysis and reflection as those related to execution.

Its focus was on achieving the following strategic goals and objectives:

  • Strengthening and enriching the people policy to establish the ideal environment for our professionals to develop their career at Ineco while we equip ourselves with people in key areas and acquire the necessary skills to face new motivating and interesting challenges for the future and the whole of the organization.
  • Promote business development and active management of stakeholders in order to consolidate and strengthen our relationships with the environment by maximizing the satisfaction of our national clients, as well as the loyalty and recurrence of our international clients and partners.
  • Foster active and open innovation in order to increase the commercial application of same, both in terms of sales through new products and services that generate added value, as well as through activities and actions that promote collaboration with other companies and agents involved.
  • Achieve an excellent operating model that guarantees the competitiveness of our offer by defining a coherent structure of processes and procedures that minimizes management times and avoids their repetition.
  • Promote the process of organizational transformation so that the digital strategy reaches every corner of the organization, which implies adaptation to the understanding and execution of business operations and involves cultural transformation towards a completely digital environment.

Being aware of the rapid evolution of the environments in which Ineco carries out its activity and of the need to adapt as soon as possible to the changes made, the roadmap was defined on a flexible basis that allows quick monitoring and supervision.

In 2019, Ineco will keep progressing in the development and implementation of a roadmap based on the nature of the company as the Administration’s own tool, and in the utilization of the opportunities emerging in the market.  This entails combining the dedication and development of the company’s capabilities in terms of national projects with an increase in knowledge and improvement in its position on the international market, as a reference firm in the transport engineering and consulting sector.


Contribute to sustainable and secure development of the best global network of transport infrastructures and generate value and wealth for countries in which we operate by offering innovative, tested, flexible engineering and consulting solutions and services with a view to maximising our capacity to provide our stakeholders with a differential value.


To be the reference firm in the provision of consultancy and transport engineering services in the world, being recognised for our technological and innovative capacity, our productive excellence and specialised knowledge.


With the help of our employees, we have identified those corporate values that represent us and are the driving forces behind our company’s activity.

Our Key Projects